For a few months, Kirk stayed one of several Indigenous Western populace, worshiped given that a goodness named “Kirok”


Within the 2268, on top of your Amerind world, any sort of accident caused amnesia for the Kirk and you can separated your regarding the Company getting cluster.

His notice at ease in the pressures away from order, he took a spouse, Miramanee, which became pregnant along with his son.

In the event the tribal praise from Kirok was dispelled, the guy and Miramanee was in fact stoned – fatally injuring the young woman as well as their unborn child. ( TOS : ” The newest Heaven Syndrome “)

David Marcus

Kirk’s romance having Carol Marcus lead a boy, David Marcus. At the Carol’s request, Kirk lived away from David’s very early life. David knew anything from Kirk, making reference to your while the “the fresh new more-sex kid lookout” his mother regularly see, yet not one to Kirk is actually their dad. Carol leftover David’s father’s name a secret, dreading one Kirk’s adventurous lives manage mark David from the woman. Inspite of the break up, Carol informed Kirk you to definitely David try “kind of like you, in ways.”

During the 2285, David was handling their mom on Federation look station Regula I within a group developing Endeavor Genesis when Khan Noonien Singh assaulted the latest route. After fleeing into Regula planetoid, Kirk rescued David and Carol. Kirk did not immediately accept his son at their embarrassing appointment, and soon after turned depression about an alternate existence as the an excellent father. He noticed David’s hate regarding your, whining to help you Carol “I have a guy I haven’t observed in 15 years, trying to kill me, while show-me a guy who had love the opportunity to help him”. Shortly after watching Kirk’s winnings during the Race of the Mutara Nebula while the funeral to have Spock Apps für Android Dating Sex, David consoled his dad and you will acknowledge he had been “proud, extremely happy, to be [his] child.” ( Star Trek II: The fresh new Wrath from Khan )

Later for the 2285, David are a coach with the starship USS Grissom, contrasting the Genesis world he had helped which will make. Taken hostage by the Klingons, David disrupted an attempted execution out of Lieutenant Saavik, wrestling a beneficial Klingon warrior temporarily just before becoming killed having a great stab for the boobs. The news regarding David’s dying added Kirk so you’re able to stumble to your deck when you look at the despair, informing Frontrunner Kruge “your Klingon bastard, you’ve killed my boy.” Kirk next murdered Kruge as well as however, one of his true staff. Just like the Kirk with his team made their getting away from the fresh new collapsing Genesis entire world, he somberly and you will mournfully said good-bye to help you their kid. ( Celebrity Trek III: The Look for Spock )

Kirk leftover David’s thoughts personal, with a picture of their son in the quarters aboard this new Enterprise-A great. Kirk’s thoughts from Klingons, immediately following opposition he could sometimes respect and also display fun with, increased towards hatred. In the 2293, for the diplomatic goal to your Klingon Empire inspired from the depletion away from Praxis, the guy logged “I have never top Klingons, and that i never usually. I’ve not ever been able to forgive him or her with the death of my personal man.” This new log admission was used facing your when you look at the demo to have the brand new assassination off Chancellor Gorkon, together with event pressed him to come to terminology together with hatred having Klingons. ( Star Trip VI: The brand new Undiscovered Country )

Awards and you can celebrates

Palm leaf from Axanar Tranquility Mission Grankite Purchase out-of Tactics (Family of Excellence) Preantares Ribbon out-of Commendation (Classes First and Next) Starfleet Medal out of Honor Starfleet Silver Hand (that have team) Starfleet Ticket to have Obvious Gallantry Karagite Buy out-of Heroism ( TOS : ” Court parece Akaar – The fresh new Teer from Capella IV holds the initial labels regarding Leonard McCoy and you will James T. Kirk. ( TOS : ” Friday’s Child “) USS Organization (NCC-1701-A) – A great starship are re also-christened during the identification regarding his solution, impact this new subscription quantity of his amazing order, an enthusiastic award continuous getting generations. ( Superstar Trek IV: The brand new Trip Domestic , ainsi que al.)